One Dollar Essay

One question. One essay. One dollar.

Monday, December 06, 2004

December's Question (The First Ever, I Might Add)

I'm pretty sure we'd all like to be rich. I'm also pretty sure we all have a few ideas of what we'd do with the money if we were. There are the obvious material possesions we'd first acquire: the Beemer, the Mercedes, the mansion(s) in Hawaii and the private ski resort. We'd also buy the new hot stock, invest in our brother's surfboard business, etc. Then there's donating to charity, your religion, the poor, etc. ad infinitum.

So, after all of these first requirements were met, say you still had a large chunk of money. And when I say large, I mean really, really large--like $250 million.

The question is:

After the obvious first purchases and donations were out of the way, what would you do with two-hundred and fifty million dollars?

Think it through, because the best essay will get one dollar. And then you'll only have $249,999,999 to go before you can make that dream a reality.

Overdue, But Better Late Than Never

Okay, here's how "One Dollar Essay" works.

I got the idea after I wrote the essay about pumpkin pie that you can see on I enjoy writing and reading humor, so here's how it's going to work:

1. On the first of the month, I'll post a question.
2. Writers answer the question in essay form (I don't care how long it is, but it should be somewhere between 100-1000 words) as comments on the "question" posting.
3. A second post on the first of the month is for any comments on the question itself, comments on the writer's or others' essays, my own comments, etc.
4. At the end of the month I'll decide which essay is best (unbiased, of course) and write another post declaring the winner.
5. The winner gets the "One Dollar Bill of Honor" for that month, which will be a real dollar bill infused with authentic honor. If I can't find any authentic honor, I'll have an up-and-coming, young and talented artist draw or paint on the bill.

I'd like a lot of people to participate, because that will make it more challenging and more fun.

So, tell everyone you know who's a writer.

Friday, November 26, 2004

What is the "One Dollar Essay"?

Glad you asked.

The One Dollar Essay is the one essay that best answers the One Dollar Question. One question a month, one essay per entrant, and one dollar goes to the winner.

I hope you're financially secure, as this is purely for pride.

More to come...